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Music-trend-Northern Europe_1200x742
Northern Europe
Music-trend-North America_1200x742
North America
Music-trend-North Africa_1200x742
North Africa
Music-trend-Eastern Europe_1200x742
Eastern Europe
Music-trend-East Africa_1200x742
East Africa
Music-trend-East Asia_1200x742
East Asia
Music-trend-Middle East_1200x742
Middle East
Music-trend-Central America_1200x742
Central America
Music-trend-Central Africa_1200x742
Central Africa
Music-trend-Central Asia_1200x742
Central Asia
Music-trend-Mediterranean region_1200x742
Mediterranean region
Music-trend-Western Europe_1200x742
Western Europe
Music-trend-West Africa_1200x742
West Africa
Music-trend-Southeast Asia_1200x742
Southeast Asia
Music-trend-South America_1200x742
South America
Music-trend-South Africa_1200x742
South Africa
Music-trend-South Asia_1200x742
South Asia

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Good m u s i c enriches the mind. When your heart gets rich, a smile fills your heart. The more smiles you have in your mind, the less likely you are to get in trouble. Fewer fights mean fewer non-sports fights. If the battle continues to diminish, the war will disappear from all over the world.

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Recommended fortune

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This is a play that imitates the “Omikuji”.

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