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Listen music. In Japanese, it is written a “enjoy the sound” then mean it [ 音楽 ].

This site was created to support and inspire people with dreams and hopes. Enjoy the sound, follow the flow, and sometimes be hit hard, and get drunk in harmony. Let’s enjoy such together.


Feature – listen music

listen music THE FIRST TAKE


A microphone and a white studio.
And 1 rule.

You’ve got 1 TAKE.
Perform anything you like.

Show us everything you’ve got for that 1 moment.

MTV Unplugged Legendary live

MTV Unplugged

| Nirvana | The Cranberries | Rod Stewart |
| Eric Clapton | Alice In Chains | Pearl Jam |
| a-ha |

The Voice Teens Sri Lanka

The Voice TeensSri Lanka.

One of the most successful reality TV formats in the world. Extremely successful in 180 countries. SRI LANKA’S NEWEST TELEVISION EXPERIENCE – THE VOICE TEENS –


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