Independent Japanese Film


Independent Japanese Film is a movie produced a before student or individual become professional.

No budget, no equipment. Under such circumstances, please take a look at the achievements of those who are working hard with the camera and computer.

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Entry number first – Independent Japanese Film

Title: 2045

Release : 19 Feb 2016

Views : 1,530,382

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2045 38912 DIGITAL

This work is a work of “Mariyasu” who was an active manga artist after schoIn 2045, the world has reached a technological singularity. Everything on earth was made by nano-sized robots, but one day someone hijacked a nano-robot and destroyed the world.


At that time, the creators around the age of 16 made this by themselves. He was still a high school student.

Entry number Second – Independent Japanese Film

Title: 購買戦争 (Shopping war)

Release : 17 Dec 2017

Views : 11,672

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The “purchasing department” is a battlefield in school life and at the same time a kind of conflict zone to seize popular products. Developed for the purchasing dash, Power Drink gave two girls spatial and temporal abilities. Are they aiming for the “deliciousness” of the limited bread, or…

Please see the collaboration between the VFX video of the Waseda University Honjo High School movie department and the acting of the drama club!

It is a director’s cut of the participating work of “Video Koshien” broadcasted on Nippon Television on December 17, 2017.
Judges Daima Kosaka, Hikaru Takahashi, and Takashi Yamazaki (in the order of the Japanese syllabary) received a perfect score to win the championship.
I’m really thankful to you!


The storyline is solid and I think it’s a very cute story. Each character is also cThis work also uses VFX. Actually, this is made by the boy who worked on the first piece.

Entry number Third – Independent Japanese Film

Title: all about …

Release : 8 Sep 2015

Views : 8,851

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短編映画「all about ...」
短編映画「all about …」

This work was written and directed by Hiroshi Sato.
It is a good visualization of the extraordinary things in everyday life that are often found in Japanese movies.

The melody of the piano flowing here and there creates a good taste.

Independent Japanese Film
Independent Japanese Film
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